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Ocean Jazz Page

Jazz samples, dates.

Heart Attack, 2013 and subsequent Necrosis

A blow-by-blow account of my recent heart attack and CABG (Coronory Artery Bypass Graft).

Prostate Woes, 2013

A list of the blogs I've written relating to my prostate cancer.

The jazz 'Altered' scale.

A semi-mathematical way of looking at scales and their corresponding chords.

Index of Fakebooks

Composite index of common fake books, real books, gig books, giving page numbers.

CIA World Factbook Data Presented Graphically

An educational way to look at world statistics. Population, area, GDP, reserves, balance, debt, investment, gas consumption, gas production, oil consumption, oil reserves, HIV deaths, HIV prevalence, unemployment, fertility rate, mortality rate, life expectancy, labor force, imports, exports, military expenditure, death rate, birth rate, growth rate.

A New Slimming Technique?

An opinionated blog about slimming, based on my gallstone experience.

Crossword Puzzles

Puzzles, unusual crosswords, trick crosswords, cryptic crosswords, brain-teasers.

Piano Concertos

A tabulation of Piano Concertos and their composers, including over 400 20-second samples, with references to the recordings.

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