Index of Common Fake Books

I bought my first 'fakebook' when I was 18 years old in 1956. I remember going up to London and finding a seedy-looking music shop which sold me, for £10, a book called '1000 Show Tunes', clearly not a fully legal transaction. That was two week's wages, then, so don't baulk at paying $35 today. That particular book is still available (if a bit dated) but the publishers have revamped the order of tunes so I've not included it in my compilation.

I know that other web sites have larger combined indexes than mine (e.g. but I don't know of anywhere that includes page numbers, and this seems to me of such obvious value that I'm making mine available.

November 2009: Several books have some 'unnumbered' pages at the front (cover sheets or the index itself). In PDF versions this means that the page number understood by Adobe is slightly different from the number quoted in the book's index (which I used). So I'm now giving two page numbers with each reference. If you have the printed book then use the first number to look up the song. If you have the PDF version, use the second number. (N.B. the later numbers in the GigBook index are nonsense).

This composite index covers over 4000 songs with 6400 references. If you want the full index, Email me. There used to be a 'live' index lookup on this page but it stopped working when they stiffened the rules for on-line Java programs, and I have not been able to get it working since.

AbbrevFull TitleSongs
NewReal1New Real Book Vol1 - Chuck Sher439
NewReal2New Real Book Vol2 - Chuck Sher424
NewReal3New Real Book Vol3 - Chuck Sher291
StandRBStandards Real Book - Chuck Sher266
RealBook1Old Real Book Vol1 (Fifth Ed.)236
RealBook2Old Real Book Vol2 ("All new")218
RealBook3Old Real Book Vol3 ("All new")197
EvansBkBill Evans Fake Book - Hal Leonard60
Bible50sJazz Bible of the 50s - Hal Leonard200
AbbrevFull TitleSongs
ColoradoColorado Cook Book273
GigBookThe Great Gig Book767
JazzFakeJazz Fake Book621
JazzLTDJazz Ltd Over 500 Tunes522
LibraryLibrary of Musicians' Jazz325
Stan557557 Standards in C539
UltimateThe Ultimate Fake Book - Hal Leonard1093
MostReqBest Chord Changes for Most-Requested Standards100
RealJazzReal Jazz Book - Hal Leonard529

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