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For Your Own Good: The most addictive psychological thriller you’ll read this year

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I think one of the most negative and most common FYOG’s is telling people that they need psychotherapy.

For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and

But they still turn the experience of injustice into a case needing self improvement, not redress and retribution. They convert your pain of being marginalized and being at risk, into some need of “healing”, instead of the need of restoring your public honor. From another perspective, paternalism is objectionable because it violates what the philosopher Immanuel Kant called the equal "dignity" of all human beings. Respect for human dignity implies respect for people's ability to think and choose for themselves. Paternalism, however, imposes choices based on what someone else thinks is good for a person. People who are interfered with are not treated as equals capable of making their own choices, Kant claims, but are treated as means to someone else's view of what their choices should be, "like immature children unable to distinguish between what is truly useful or harmful to them." Nevertheless, many philosophers believe that paternalism can sometimes be justified. According to some philosophers, restricting a person's freedom is warranted when such interference maximizes benefits and minimizes harm to a person. Freedom may be an important value, but it is not the only value. There may be situations in which the costs to a person's freedom are trivial compared to other values, such as happiness or health, that might be gained by restricting that freedom. Mandatory seat belt laws, for example, entail a loss of freedom that is minor compared to the lives saved and the injuries prevented by such laws. Some philosophers claim that paternalism is justified only when it is aimed at protecting or promoting a person's freedom. For example, nineteenth century prohibitions against selling oneself into slavery restricted a person's freedom in the short run, but resulted in greater freedom in the long run. Dumbledore also points out a couple times that it was rather useful in stopping Harry from becoming full of himself due to being exposed to his ridiculous level of fame at a too-early age. Of course instead of an inflated ego he got outright abuse, so this feels more like a minor positive than an actual reasonable justification.Now, Alex Plank is livid about what has been going on in France, not really taking Autism seriously, and dismissing this ~neurological difference~ idea entirely. But France has elected a neoliberal government, and so even if people did not see how much neoliberalism depends upon Autism-Asperger’s and on other things like that, I am sure that now they are coming to understand. Changes are being made in France. I think they will be subjecting children to the same kinds of behavioral tortures which children are being subjected to in the United States. In traditional societies and primitive societies it is not like this. Children are an unavoidable result, they are not a planned facade.

For Your Own Good - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics For Your Own Good - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019): Exaggerated on a global scale by Emma Russell. Unlike Jonah, Emma genuinely doesn't want all of humanity to go extinct. She rationalizes her plan to let the Titans devastate civilization as a necessary evil to prevent mankind from causing our own extinction via global warming, as she's overly confident that the government (whom she points out Monarch can't stop this late into the game, a pointer for which no-one has a real retort) will succeed in exterminating the Titans if they try. Mark directly calls Emma out for thinking that she alone has the right to dictate the fate of the entire human race all on her own.

In Twilight, a rather large portion of Edward's actions are for what he considers Bella's own good, whether or not she agrees—though she usually does. These actions include following her without her consent, breaking into her room every night to watch her, forcing her to flee Forks when James hunts her, leaving her in New Moon because she might be killed if she stays with him, stealing her car engine so she can't visit Jacob, etc. The list goes on, right to the end of the series.

for your own good | WordReference Forums for your own good | WordReference Forums

Here, only 75,000 accessed, but probably 700,000 autistics. So most have not been accessed. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! Whatever solution eventually arises from all of this, I believe it has to come from profound creativity based on absolute truth. Not sure that can be defined, but I know that it can be felt. I was successful in securing a discharge against medical advice by the third day after they overheard me talking to some lawyers when I’d obtained phone privileges during the morning. I think they saw I was not crazy but understood my admission there was an event that escalated out of control, I was not a threat to myself or anyone, and despite the immensely stressful ordeal, I was of sound mind to put up a fight and demand my release. When I was released, the psychiatrist threatened that the discharge against medical advice meant my insurance might not cover the services rendered for the 3 days. She was terrible.

Were that to suddenly change, it would be radical, but it’s hard to imagine that it ever will. That would depend entirely on whether or not clinicians are ready, willing, and able to own their own stuff and to stop projecting their shadow feelings and judgments onto the client–to realize that we are all biased observers of others, one way or another. Personal truth is based on our own experience, and on what we feel and believe at any given moment, and definitely NOT what others project onto us.

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