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The Children of Húrin

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Hero Antagonist: Brandir is actually a nicer, wiser, and more sensible guy than Túrin, which of course puts them at odds. An alternate interpretation of Túrin's revelation mirrors that of his father's in the Silmarillion, that all that he had seen was twisted by the malice and might of Morgoth, and so as if blind, he stumbled through life. Deveson, Tom (15 April 2007). "Away with the fairies". The Sunday Times. Archived from the original on 17 May 2011 . Retrieved 22 September 2007.

More on Húrin can be found in The War of the Jewels, the eleventh volume of The History of Middle-earth series, published in 1994, in "The Wanderings of Húrin". These additional narratives involving Húrin and the tragedy of his children, "The Wanderings of Húrin" is the conclusion to the "Narn". It was not included in the final Silmarillion because Christopher Tolkien feared that the heavy compression which would have been necessary to make it a stylistic match with the rest of the book would have been too difficult and would have made the story overly complex and difficult to read. These will for the same reason not be included in "the Children of Hurin". The Determinator: Húrin the Steadfast never yields. After the army had been defeated and routed and his troops massacred he kept fighting. His enemies needed to use their own corpses to just stop him. Then Morgoth kept Húrin tied to a chair for decades, forcing him to watch as he turned his family's lives into Hell, and Húrin never gave in. Finally, Morgoth let him go because he realized that he would never get anything from Húrin willingly.Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The roving band of outlaws in the Brethil forest who are joined by the exiled Túrin. He takes over as their leader and organizes them into La Résistance against the Orcs. He tells Beleg he believes there is some good in them. Love Triangle: Gwindor, Finduilas, and Túrin. And later, Brandir, Níniel, and Túrin. Both end badly. All members of the triangles are dead by the end. Túrin is portrayed as a man of great and terrible potential, a warrior that has no equal amongst men or even elves in many cases. His cause is a just one, he is swift and unyielding in the face of the enemy, gaining him so much infamy that the orcs and goblins flee from the slightest mention of him. He builds a reputation that brings him praise and rises him in the ranks with his allies. He is everything that a hero should be on the surface, yet under it he is also impatient, prideful, stubborn and hot tempered. The man is a stranger to humility, he has some of the worse flaws of men who carry great power. Time after time again, Túrin builds himself up from nothing to stand as a leader amongst people, and every time some great tragedy befalls him, as well as the people around him. Many times due to his own arrogance and pride, he loses everything and finds himself alone once more. Every time afterwards he flees, takes up a new name and begins all over again.

Tolkien, J. R. R. (1980). Christopher Tolkien (ed.). Unfinished Tales. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 978-0-395-29917-3. As Adam Tolkien elaborated in a recent interview: ‘ This is a more difficult question than it seems: As you know, versions and pieces of the story of Húrin and his descendants have been published in various works (The Silmarillion , Unfinished Tales , The Book of Lost Tales , The Lays of Beleriand , etc). The text of The Children of Húrin is in part compiled from these extant texts, and particularly that which appears in Unfinished Tales .In the meantime, Beleg Cúthalion obtained leave from Thingol to seek out his friend. In FA 487, Beleg found Túrin's outlaws at the outskirts of Amon Rûdh and was held and tied up by them until Túrin returned. Andróg, who was a prominent member of the group, mistrusted Beleg even after Túrin declared him a friend and begrudged him Túrin`s friendship. Beleg tried to persuade Túrin to return to Doriath, for the king held that he was innocent. When Beleg could not persuade his friend to leave the outlaws, he left to return to Doriath. Túrin's band later captured Mîm the Petty-dwarf while Beleg and Túrin were parted. Mîm was forced to share his halls on Amon Rûdh with his company while Túrin promised to repay Mîm for the accidental death of his son Khîm.

Then, Túrin said to Gurthang: "Hail Gurthang, iron of death, thou alone now remainest! But what lord or loyalty dost thou know, save the hand that wieldeth thee? From no blood wilt thou shrink! Wilt thou take Tùrin Turambar? Wilt thou slay me swiftly?"There is the Children of Húrin, the tragic tale of Túrin Turambar and his sister Níniel– of which Túrin is the hero: a figure that might be said (by people who like that sort of thing, though it is not very useful) to be derived from elements in Sigurd the Volsung, Oedipus, and the Finnish Kullervo. [T 8] It is the expanded account of the story of the wanderings and deeds of Túrin Turambar, son of Húrin, and his sister Niënor, in their struggle against fate (and the curse cast upon Húrin's kin). It is considered to be among the darkest examples of any of Tolkien's works, as well as the foremost substantiation of any argument against disregarding the High Fantasy genre as colorless or "holier than thou". The hero is doomed yet strives toward goodness in spite of inadvertently murdering friends and becoming his sister's lover. Túrin fights against self-loathing as well as sorrow throughout, until the culmination of the novel's events.

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