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The God Code: The Secret of our Past, the Promise of our Future

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Rips and Witztum and Yoav Rosenberg designed computer software for the ELS technique and subsequently found many examples. About 1985, they decided to carry out a formal test, and the "Great rabbis experiment" was born. This experiment tested the hypothesis that ELS's of the names of famous rabbinic personalities and their respective birth and death dates form a more compact arrangement than could be explained by chance. Their definition of "compact" was complex but, roughly, two ELSs were compactly arranged if they can be displayed together in a small window. When Rips et al. carried out the experiment, the data was measured and found to be statistically significant, supporting their hypothesis. What do you know about you that's consistent? What do we get when we get you? I'm not tryin' to make you feel bad, I'm just askin'. What is solid in you? Are you a protector? Are you a provider? Are you creative? Are you thoughtful? What about you has matured to the point of having the God code? Because that will determine how your story ends. That it's what maturity is. Maturity is consistency. I go to work when I feel like it. I go to work when I don't feel like it. I preach when I want to preach. I preach when I don't want to preach. I get on the plane when I want to get on a plane. I get on the plane when I gotta get on the plane. I got to do what I gotta do. If I gotta walk, I've gotta walk. It hurts, but I gotta do it. If I gotta eat, I gotta eat. I don't wanna, but I gotta do it.

The first portion of the message reads: "God/Eternal within the body." The meaning: Humankind is one family, united through a common heritage, and the result of an intentional act of creation! Frankly, Gregg's work goes far beyond the Bible Code, to reveal not only the presence of a divine 'fingerprint' in all life, but also a stunning ancient secret: the people of the past KNEW this, and actually built their alphabets around this secret knowledge.J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays, 2012, Grasping God's Word: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible, p. 337. "The scholarly rebuttals to Bible codes have been devastating. These rebuttals have provided strong evidence that there is nothing mystical or divine about ELS. The arguments leveled against this method of finding secret messages fall into two basic categories: that relating to probability, and that relating to textual variations ... Textual variations: Another flaw in the ELS approach is that its proponents seem unaware of variations in the text of the Old Testament ..." What would it mean to discover an ancient language—a literal message—hidden within the DNA of life itself? What we once believed of our past is about to change… I very much appreciated his message that because all humanity shares a common creator we should find ways to bridge our cultural/racial/religious gaps. We should be able to find commonality because we all contain the Divine.

Robert Aumann, a game theorist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2005, has followed the Bible code research and controversy for many years. He wrote: [37] Sometimes the solutions to life's deepest mysteries are found in the most unlikely places. In hindsight...the most elusive answers were, in fact, present all along and simply not recognized. pxiii

With the message providing tangible proof of a common bond, we are given a reason to look beyond the issues that may have separated us in the past. Regardless of race, religion, heritage or lifestyle, the message is the same in each cell of every woman, child and man. Through the power of the message in our cells, we find an unprecedented expression of human unity, and a place to begin when our differences seem insurmountable. Perhaps as a testament to our success as a species, each of us carries the same message as a silent reminder of our heritage, recorded on the first day of our existence. Following an analysis of the experiment and the dynamics of the controversy, stating for example that "almost everybody included [in the controversy] made up their mind early in the game", Aumann concluded: Scientists claim the Bible is written in code that predicts future events". Big Think . Retrieved June 22, 2022.

a b Doron Witztum; Eliyahu Rips; Yoav Rosenberg (1994). "Equidistant letter sequences in the Book of Genesis". Statistical Science. 9 (3): 429–438. CiteSeerX doi: 10.1214/ss/1177010393. The book has received a special on the History channel and a documentary series is being made about the travels leading to Smith’s discoveries. He claims that there must be some force beyond the properties of chemistry that breathes life into the elements of creation. Both the Bible and the theory of evolution are incomplete explanations, so his solution is to combine both. (Does combining two incomplete hypotheses usually lead to truth? If you hybridize two animals without horns do you expect to get horns?)

There are lots of laughs in this book. He tells us it was the IGY study of earth in 1957-8 that discovered that air is not oxygen, but 78% nitrogen which “combines with oxygen to stabilize the air.” And it was NASA that discovered what water is made of. He tells us scientists have recognized a new form of energy: There is the slim probability of .00042 percent that the letters YHVG would arrange themselves purely by chance". Yes, this is true. There is the same probability for four Hebraic letters will be chosen for forming a word. It's the same probability of 'corn' or 'blow' in English (actually, this is even more difficult because there are more letters in English language than in the Hebraic alphabet), and we don't consider corn a miracle or something exceptional. This is a complete non-sense, because letters don't combine in any language just randomly: we can't use probability for explaining language.

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